Professional Development & Training Institute

Professional Development is for teachers, educational assistants, teaching assistants, support staff, early childhood educators and administration who are looking to develop a greater understanding of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how it can be used in the classroom and during Natural Environment Teaching (NET).

  • Team Training (Preschool, Montessori, Private Schools)
  • Classroom ABA Training - Instructional control, establishing routines, executive functioning, curriculum strategies, appropriate modifications/accomodations, IEP development
  • Support Staff ABA Strategies - Prompting and fading support, proactive/reactive behaviour plans, reinforcement strategies, success strategies
  • Behavioural Support Strategies - Data driven behaviour plans
  • Social Skills in the classroom - Natural and inclusive social skills training

Training Institute is for those who come with a pre-existing background in IBI or behaviour science wishing to enhance skills and learning in a hybrid environment (classroom/ABA) applying our proven methodology and Missing Links model.

  • Curriculum connections
  • Behaviour documentations
  • Classroom set-up
  • Individual Service Plans (ISP)
  • Proven techniques for curriculumassessments
  • Program audits

Distance / International Services

Distance / International services are for those who are unable to directly access our facility or onsite programming. Distance services can be organized online to facilitate IBI/ABA programs, consultation, training, and program supervision.

  • Program Development (ABA / IBI / Behaviour Services)
  • Consultation / Support
  • Team Development / Training (Connected with Training Institute)
  • Ongoing Program Supervision
  • Individual Service Plans (ISP)
  • Environment Set Up